Seasoned Personal Tradelines 

**Seasonded Tradelines Are The Fastest Way To Boost Your Credit Score**


We add you as an authorized user to one of our seasoned tradelines with positive payment history and low utilization (if any). The issuing bank then reports the positive credit history including the age of the account, the limit of the tradeline and the positive payment history to Experian, TransUnion and/or Equifax. The payment history, age, and limit have direct impact on the FICO credit score model which impacts your utilization ratio, average credit age and payment history. To further understand how it may impact your score please refer to graph below:   Now imagine what will happen when we add $20,000 of available credit with perfect payment history of 10 years to your credit file. Your credit score will increase dramatically almost overnight! 


Tradelines are the foundation of your credit. They give you the credibility you need to build a foundation that will allow you to enjoy the benefits good credit can give you.

Here are 5 Tips for Selecting The Best Tradelines


Tip 1. Higher credit limits and older aged tradelines correlate to bigger credit score increases. 
Tip 2.  You should have at a bare minimum, at least 3 OPEN & POSITIVE tradelines (AKA accounts) on your credit report. Meaning one tradeline is NOT enough to get approved for most anything.
Tip 3. Within your credit monitoring site, go to the 'credit factors' section. It will tell you exactly what you need as far as tradelines go. Are your accounts of low age? Then you need an aged tradeline at least 10+ years old. [The older the tradeline, the bigger your credit score increase.] Is your debt over 30% utilization? Then you need a high credit limit card to help balance out your utilization. 
Do you have negative inaccurate accounts? Then you need a credit sweep. 
Do you have a bunch of credit inquiries not linked to open positive accounts? Then you need inquiry removal. 
Tip 4. . Each time you are added to a tradeline, a new address gets imprinted to the back end of your credit report. That is fine, however you want to make sure you aren't getting way too many tradelineswith all different addresses because it shows instability on your part.  Stick with one or two cardholders, or just buy a tradeline package where we hand select tradelines from the same cardholder, in an age progressional format which we have, so it looks like your credit has improved over time. 
Tip 5. Purchasing a tradeline while you have negative items on your credit report is like putting perfume on a pig. If you have any negative items, you should go through a credit sweep at the same time to ensure you can get those inaccurate items as low as possible so that you have the best possible canvas for adding tradelines to. 


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