How To Purchase

Our Guarantees guarantees all of the following:

  • If you buy any tradeline by the Purchase By Date, we guarantee that it will post on your credit report during the next reporting period for that tradeline.

  • If you purchase a tradeline after the Purchase By Date, then we do not guarantee that it will post during the next reporting period (although it might), but we do guarantee that it will post during the following month’s reporting period.

  • For each tradeline purchased, we guarantee that you will remain on the card as an authorized user for 2 monthly reporting cycles.

  • We guarantee that the tradelines will post to any 2 out of the 3 credit bureaus.

  • We guarantee that all tradelines will have a perfect payment history with no late payments ever reported on the accounts.

  • We guarantee that the utilization will always be 15% or lower.



How to Purchase Tradelines

Once you have selected your tradelines, follow these steps to complete the purchase:

  1. Click on the purchase Tradelines Button.

  2. Enter your personal information into the checkout page.

  3. Click “Sign Service Terms & Disclosures” and go through the steps to eSign this paperwork..

  4. Upload a color copy of your driver’s license and social security card into the Documentation section.

  5. Enter your routing number and account number of your checking account for eCheck payment.

  6. Click “Submit Order” to complete your order.


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